What is JuanLife?

JuanLife is a Personal Accident Insurance product designed for the marginalized Philippines.


JuanLife is a play on “Juan”, the symbol for every Filipino, and the number “one”. It evokes that Juan only has “one life” to live, therefore the need to secure it.


JuanLife is an affordable insurance that aims to serve every Filipino. With its premiums priced for as low as P300, Agile wants to break the misconception that insurance is expensive or that insurance is only for the rich.


JuanLife is inclusive. Designed thoughtfully to include high-risk segments that the industry usually avoids, JuanLife covers children as young as 7 years old, OFWs, people with hazardous jobs, motorcycle accidents, and acts of nature.


JuanLife is a product of partnership between Agile and Stronghold Insurance Company. It is a product that combines Stronghold's traditional strengths as an established insurer Agile's expertise in technology innovations.


JuanLife is the first testament to Agile’s vision to be the preferred, trusted, transformative and most agile digital insurance solutions provider, thinker, and innovator, enabling growth and progress to the partners and market they serve.


For more details on JuanLife, just click these:

Website: juanlife.com.ph
Facebook Page: @juanlifephilippinesofficial
IG: @juanlifephilippines
Youtube: JuanLifeTV
Twitter: @juanlifeph